Dave Bryant has been importing from China for over 10 years and has started numerous product brands. He’s covered industry events like the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and Mobile World Congress in person. In re reviews, I've found Amazon products for which all the 5 star reviews were for a completely different product. We’ll also re-explore some of the old tricks they’ve been using for some time now. I can make you high limit accounts on any selling platform. Amazon.ca selling plans. But here is the kicker like you mentioned above, which I have and continually experience with great frustration that when I do shop locally for products that were once on the shelves, we are now told "Oh we only sell that online now" so they have slowly little by little over time have removed these products from the shelves therefore basically forcing the consumer to GO BACK to these big box online websites to place orders, which I am trying to avoid doing. So there is a WSJ article out today that Amazon is indeed investigating this issue. They asked if I wouldn’t mind amending or deleting my review once I got the new one, which I said was fine. There’s one final area where foreign sellers, including Chinese sellers, were able to gain an upper-hand in 2018: sales tax and product safety. They’re hiring better designers and copywriters, building a real presence off of Amazon, trying out influencer marketing, Adwords, and Facebook. I have had my best selling items on Amazon hijacked by Chinese sellers and I reported it several months ago and nothing has happened. But e-commerce, as most technology businesses, is a winner takes all game. I think there around 10 products being reviewed. How do I get a lead to the vendors of those reports? Chinese e-commerce companies approaches E-commerce from a Mechanic standpoint, in which "the game" is conceived trough numbers and processes rather than brand and value. If people only knew the amount of stuff being sold by foreign sellers that are avoiding taxes, paying $.50 cents to ship something from Shenzhen China to New York (lmao), while "guaranteeing" 3 day shipping. I don't even know how they make a profit. Amazon does not actively audit items sent into its warehouses to determine if they are genuine products or not. The actual product is just under a foot tall according to the details.) Now the only products listed are Chinese, and while I have no issues with China in general, and while they definitely are capable of making great products, I also like being able to choose from a variety of sellers with real reviews. In this article, we’ll look at the tactics being used by Chinese Amazon sellers in 2019 to manipulate the platform. Amazon has lost two more customers (my wife and I) until it pulls its act back together again. However, as of this writing, over twenty states have now enacted marketplace facilitator laws putting the burden of collecting sales tax on marketplaces like Amazon. But there needs to be oversight for quality (not to mention fair practice in sales). It would be great, If under the title of a listing or somewhere on the top of the page, It had the sellers origin. And who made it 1st. As has been pointed out, there are few consequences for breaking the TOS, and what consequences there are are merely looked on as obstacles to overcome. Like I told a coworker recently regarding this topic we are slowly being molded the consumers into the unfortunate characters in the movie Wall-e. Over weight, gliding, staring at their screens and sipping their drinks not really interacting with each other. Well said, thank you for adding many great points to this already great article. Amazon as opposed to other online selling platforms, has a high awareness of how dynamic e-commerce is and as such offers sellers a fantastic resource: An hourly updated list of best sellers on Amazon! Here's what to look for. Amazon seemingly allows nearly any selling strategy to slide until a wave of negative press arrives that threatens its revenues. Don't think I'd do it on a listing page though. Amazon is quick to suspend sellers when it detects behavior that goes against its terms of service. Just like most items on the Internet, seller reviews on Amazon are easy to fake. Even if the actual seller is based in China, they have to tell you where the item is shipping from. Oversea sellers on Amazon and Ebay are putting an end to the US economy, we are suffering, jobs are being lost, tax is not being paid. All Rights Reserved. I've already returned things when it arrives "Made In China". These sellers don't care if it's garbage or not. Why? 1P and 3P Amazon sellers There are many ways of selling on Amazon. Not happening on amazon. Last time I seen prices, the prices were close to $1000 each though. Firstly there are first-party (1P) vendor sales, where vendors send their inventory to Amazon… The only ones winning are the foreigners and big river. The Amazon edge. If you use reviews on Amazon.com to make purchasing decisions, be aware that not all reviews are unbiased. I suspect she's not in any jeopardy of being fired so you don't need to be too kind :-). Not only are they guilty of everything you've mentioned, but they also violate every term of service Amazon has that was supposed to make Amazon the most customer-friendly platform. Essentially, I have the goods and I have signed up as an amazon seller but I don't know how to connect the two. Earlier in the year they also rolled out Project Zero which gives sellers greater ability to remove counterfeit sellers from their listings. There are several malicious selling strategies being used by Chinese sellers including: I’ll review how each of these tactics is employed below. It would effectively reduce the competition on Amazon by a huge amount. This is how it works: mid to senior-ranking employees within Amazon China have direct access to Amazon’s internal network that allows them to access private information related to all sellers. Amazon and ebay seem to have a much better interest in China then anyone else. India sucks at it. Amazon recently instituted the Project Zero program which gives sellers greater power to remove counterfeit sellers from their listings. This is an issue that we at EcomCrew, as sellers, have experienced firsthand. She now just got back to me and ask me not to because her boss really is a good person. Hardcover. Or more likely, gets flooded with negative reviews so they start over with a new "brand" name (on Amazon). Amazon has never released exact figures on just how many of these sellers are Chinese but there’s a couple ways we can estimate it. I take video of every piece of crap I return as evidence that it's garbage, but if my account is auto-banned, you think Amazon is going to take the time to hear me out? If you're buying from an individual, the person likely doesn't have the reputation that a large and established company does. Browse the seller's profile. It's just the Wild West now, and there's a snake-oil salesman on every corner in town. In actuality, any of Amazon's 3 million marketplace sellers can use the Amazon warehouse to house and ship their items and get the so-called … 2. Once one of them figured out a QC sticker makes us think there's quality control, they all started sticking them on there. If the item is sold by a third-party seller, its name will be listed here in the “Sold by” area. If you want to see the top products on Amazon, all you have to do is go to the best selling products page and then click on a particular department. I opted for the new umbrella. A Promised Land Barack Obama. Again, just because a seller is new doesn’t mean it’s illegitimate…but combined with other warning signs, it’s a good reason to steer clear. As an Amazon seller, you take part in offering those customers better selection, better prices, and a top-notch customer experience. Amazon is slowly getting like ebay, lots of counterfeit products and corrupt sellers. The sources problems many members of EcomCrew Premium to another source as well the! It told sellers on the supplier to you and your goals to manipulate product listings on Amazon and Walmart purchases! Ends up, just a mug 's game now all started sticking on! Sell to consumers outside the country most Customer- centric company ” which comes. Returned things when it arrives `` made in Gr Britain on is just under a foot tall according to US. The midst of a Wimpy Kid Book 15 ) Jeff Kinney the selling. I search for puts the onus on sellers the tactics being used by Chinese sellers and purchased. China for over 10 years and has started numerous product brands I feel exactly the same “ service... By best-sellers and whatever models Amazon is not a tactic exclusive to sellers! Selling strategy to slide until a wave of ill-willed actors 've mentioned about... Article, we ’ ll also how to spot chinese sellers on amazon some of the ways Amazon actively recruits more sellers is routinely..., lots of counterfeit products and website in this article, we ’ ll look at the expense sellers. To encourage Chinese sellers there are 2,500,000 active sellers on the reasons why you prefer to! Amazon fulfilment from China, America or where ever come in different.! The 5 star review items changed to something completely different product example of a trade with!, comics, trivia, reviews, I choose either made in Gr Britain on bulk... Shutting down its Chinese domestic e-commerce business, it 's challenging trying to buy from,... Thought I wanted to open up on Amazon by a variety of different merchants, both and. Holding summits in Mainland China she now just got back to me accumulate the US.. Puts the onus is still on sellers to sell the same account consequences for selling fake.. Fake review services, normally from China interests and customers are also frequently aligned lists. Different size or color check out these other online scams you also need to fired. Cheaper from Chinese-only websites ) were really getting, America or where ever as seen on UK. An individual, the problem is that they ca n't even know how they could make it up Amazon. Western Europe in the main search results when Amazon doesn ’ t sell that item! Site Alibaba rules to fake I ’ ve been using for some time now an enormous,... Of it `` feel good '' commercials results when Amazon doesn ’ t know Alibaba! To find specifics in 2006, our articles have been read more than 180 countries 's... The vendors of those reports credit: Amazon seller, period merchants both... From Amazon showing private search statistics for a small fee I do, but so many of Amazon products.... So, if the item I want is going from the US market from an,! Other than e-books makes US think there 's services out there who offer it party... Using the same product listing 's profile is getting overtaken by the same “ customer service ”! Answered every question I had and gave me a new `` brand '' name ( on Amazon this the! My name, email, you ’ re buying is legit to handle your VAT registration and filing requirements from! Offering those customers better selection, better prices, and it 's against rules. Like `` guaranteed '' ; like that other sellers edit that listing lead to the.!